River City String Quartet
Music for Weddings, Receptions, Parties & All Other Occasions
Q: Why should I choose the River City String Quartet for my event?

A: Experience--The RCSQ has over 15 years of playing experience, playing between 45-60 events annually. Literally, we have played for hundreds of celebrations. Professionalism--The RCSQ is comprised of professionally trained musicians, each accomplished in their own right. We’ve been there and done that--and are extremely comfortable and capable in adapting to any unexpected circumstance that may arise. Organization--We will walk you through every stage in music planning for your event. Basic to bold. We can make your wishes a reality.

Q: What different groups do you offer?

A: The RCSQ has several different groups that we offer. First is the string quartet, made up of 2 violins, viola, and cello. This group has the strongest sound and is ideal for events of 150 people or more but can also work well for smaller events. Next is the string trio, comprised of two violins and cello and is absolutely lovely for events up to 150 people. We offer string duos, which can be two violins, violin/cello or violin/piano. This ensemble is excellent for events around 75 people. Our final offering is the solo instrument, usually solo violin. The solo instrument is wonderful for gatherings of 50 or so people. Please keep in mind that the suggested number of people for the different groups is merely our opinion and may vary depending on the size of venue--please feel free to make your own judgments on the type of group that will best fit your needs.

Q: How do I contact the River City String Quartet?

A: Please contact the RCSQ manager, Jane Hoffmire, by phone at 309-369-6429 or by email jane.rivercitystringquartet@gmail.com. If you have to leave a message, Jane will get back to you, normally within 24 hours. A free phone consultation will answer any questions you may have, as well as help determine which group will best suit your needs.

Q: How do I book a group?

A: During the complimentary phone consultation, your specific needs will be assessed--things like amount of service time needed and which group is preferred, thus determining the price. Once the decision has been made to book one of the RCSQ groups, Jane will contact RCSQ personnel to determine availability and then mail you a contract. After the signed contract is received by Jane, with a nonrefundable deposit of half, your date and time will be reserved. Final payment is due one week prior to the service date.

Q: What is included in your fees?

A: All of our fees are based on a minimum service time of 1˝ hours. Additional time may be purchased per ˝ hour after the base 1˝ hour timeframe is fulfilled. All of our fees include a music consultation, typically needed to select the desired pieces for a wedding ceremony, with Jane at her Morton home. We do not charge a set up fee.

For your perfect day - a typical wedding service would include the following: 20-30 minutes of prelude as guests are being seated, anything needed during the ceremony (with the exception of the responsorial psalms in the Catholic Mass), and the remaining time used to play during the releasing of guests, up to the 1˝ hour time allotment. Playing with vocal soloists or anyone not associated with the RCSQ will need to be discussed and agreed upon with Jane before a commitment is made to do so. Trumpet players may also be contracted through the RCSQ.

Q: Are there any travel fees?

A: If your event is outside the Peoria area, mileage/travel time will be discussed and determined before the contract is mailed.

Q: What will the musicians wear for my event?

A: Unless previously arranged, dress is formal concert black, with men in tuxedo.

Q: Do you play outdoors?

A: Yes, the RCSQ does play for outdoor events. If you should desire to use the RCSQ for an outdoor celebration, shade is required, not for the musicians, but rather for the stringed instruments that cannot withstand direct sunlight.

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